Sacha L.
Sacha L.

Sacha L.

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Packaging: Includes one pair of lashes
Item Type: Luxurious 3D Mink Lashes Double & Tripled layered 
Style: Sacha L. 
Suggested use 20-25 wears with proper care 
Free lash applicator included with all orders. 

Lash instructions:  

Gently remove your lashes from the tray. Remove lashes by the band to avoid pulling hard. 

Apply a thin layer of lash glue on the band and let it dry for 10 - 15 seconds 

Use your lash applicator to apply the lashes

Remember to remove your lashes before bedtime and remove build up glue from the strip. 

Lastly, place your lashes back into the original tray to keep their shape.